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Líng gǔ [靈骨] 22.05

•Source [出處 chū chù]:

Tung original book (1973)

Name【名稱 mīng chéng】:

Líng [靈] ; spirit

gǔ [骨] ; bone

Zone: 2-2

Number: 22.05

Location【部位 bù wèi】:

Líng gǔ is located on the dorsal aspect of the hand, at the junction, between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bone.

Needling【針法 zhēn fǎ】:

0.5-1.5 perpendicular insertion, contraindicated in pregnancy.

Reaction area:

Lung, heart, kidney


pneumonia due to LU qi def, pulmonary emphysema, lung cancer, sciatica, lumbago, backache, hemiplegia, facial paralysis, headache, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, dystocia, arrhythmia, pyelitis, face nose and eye diseases, tinnitus, hearing loose.

*Should also be considered in all chronic unusual and/or diseases induced by qi stagnation. It is regarded as the most important DM group for freeing qi


22-06 11-10, 88-03 to treat pulmonary edema