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PC5:間使 [jiān shǐ] intermediary Courier

•Source 出處:

Spiritual pivot 靈樞.běn shū 本輸

Classification 類別:

•jing-river, metal point (經金穴)

Name 名稱:

•間 jiān : among, between, to separate

•使 shǐ : a messenger, to employ, to cause

•In this point name 間 jiān , meaning between, recalls the location of PC-5 between the two sinews.

使 shǐ to employ, refers to the function of the pericardium to protect the heart, the sovereign organ. 間 jiān is taken in the slightly different sense of “to come between,” the point name can be seen to emphasize the pericardium’s function of interceding for the heart, just as a minister “takes the heat” for the emperor. (Source: Nigel Wiseman/ Grasping the wind)

Location 部位:

•On the anterior aspect of the forearm, between the tendons of the palmaris longus and the flexor carpi radialis, 5 cun proximal to the palmar wrist crease.

Needling 針法:

Needle 0.5 to 1 cun perpendicular. Pay attention to avoid damaging the median nerve trunk. Direct Moxa is 3 to 5 coins; moxa stick 10-15 minutes.

Action 功效:

Clear and drain heat (泄熱) from the jue yin channel

quieting the heart (寧心)

downbearing counterflow of qi (降逆)

•Indication 主治:

Heartache, palpitations, irritability, madness, vomiting, aphasia, malaria, irregular menstruation, blood clots, fever, annoyance, red eyes, swollen armpits, arm pain, poor flexion and extension, low elbow Pain, elbow spasm, palm heat, rheumatic heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, myocarditis, schizophrenia, goiter.

•Point pair 配穴:

According to Yi-Tian Ni, PC5-ST40 can treat phlegm misting the mind syndorme.