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PC7:大陵 [dà líng] great mound

•Source 出處:

Spiritual pivot 靈樞.běn shū 本輸

•Channel and collateral 經絡:

Hand jue yin

Classification 類別:

shu-stream, earth point (俞土穴)

yuan-source point (原穴), ghost point (鬼穴)

Name 名稱:

大 dà : great, large ,big

陵 líng : mound, small hill

This point is located on the inner aspect of the arm just proximal to the wrist. The heel of the hand resembles two large mounds.

Location 部位:

On the anterior aspect of the wrist, between the tendons of palmaris longus and the flexor carpi radialis, on the palmar wrist crease.

Needling 針法:

Needle 0.3-0.5 cun perpendicular and not too deep to avoid damage to the median nerve trunk. Moxa for 10-15 minutes.

Action 功效:

Clear heat from heart and calm the spirit (清心 qīng xīn、安神 ān shén)

•Indication 主治:

heartache, palpitations, upset, chest heat, stomach pain, vomiting, madness, epilepsy, tinnitus, malaria, tongue pain, endless laughter, red eyes, wheezing, body heat like fire, , hand spasms, swelling and itching, finger numbness, myocarditis, gastritis, insomnia, intercostal neuralgia, carpal tunnel syndrome.

•Point pair 配穴:

PC7-LV2: drain and dredge and clear heat from the jue yin channel (Dr. Wang Ju-Yi 王居易)