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PC9:中衝 [zhōng chōng] Central Hub

•Source 出處:

Spiritual pivot 靈樞.běn shū 本輸

•Channel and collateral 經絡:

Hand jue yin

Classification 類別:

Jing well, wood point (井木穴)

Name 名稱:

中 zhōng : central, center, middle

衝 chōng : a hub, thoroughfare, to surge, to flush

Location 部位:

On the middle finger, at the centre of the tip of the middle finger. Alternative location for PC9 – On the middle finger, 0.1 cun proximal to the radial corner

Needling 針法:

Shallow needling about 0.1 or spot blood-let the point. Moxa stick for 10-15 minutes.

Action 功效:

Clear heat (清熱) and open the orifices (開竅)、benefits the tongue (利喉舌)

•Indication 主治:

Fainting, fever, upset, heartache, stroke, coma, strong tongue swelling and pain, heatstroke, night cry in children, sore throat