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Bedwetting and Laser Acupuncture. Can it help?

Nocturnal enuresis commonly known as bedwetting is described as involuntary emptying of the bladder during sleep time in children older than five years.

The prevalence of Bedwetting can vary according to different regions however, about 18% among school-age boys and 12% among school-age girls will experience night time bedwetting.

Laser Acupuncture CAN help !! but you may ask yourself what is Laser Acupuncture 🤔❓

Laser Acupuncture is defined as photonic stimulation of acupuncture points to initiate therapeutic effects similar to needle acupuncture therapies but with the benefits of photo-bio-modulation which is a treatment that uses photons at a low-intensity, non-thermal laser irradiation to stimulate biological activity in the tissue.

Laser Acupuncture demonstrates clinical efficacy in the treatment of children with enuresis and provides an attractive option to parents because it is a safe, noninvasive, pain-free method, and it is easy to administer.

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Source: Medical Acupuncture Journal



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