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Ear Acupuncture for pain relief

Pain is the most common complaint in the medical world! Though let us not be mistaken, pain is part of an evolutionary mechanism without which we would not have survived. It is the body’s way of signaling to the brain that something harmful is happening to it.

Nowadays the pain sensation has gotten out of hand and has stopped being a protective mechanism of the body.

what can we do about it? Well the answer is simple, do Acupuncture!

Despite an abundance of medicines and painkillers on the market, pain is still the most common complaint in the modern world. Even if pain is not the main reason for going to see a doctor, in most cases it will be the secondary complaint which will accompany the problem for which we actually came for. We have all experienced some degree of pain at some point in our life, be it physical pain or be it an emotional one. In one way or another we have all felt the sensation of pain – that horrible pain when the big toe hits the corner of the table; we were all toddlers that fell and ‘opened’ our chin; I can only presume we all went through that teenage love that ‘broke our hearts’. All these phenomena occur and pass with time, or a short resting period.  Unfortunately, for most people who suffer from chronic pain, the phenomena does not pass after a brief time period, and at times accompanies the sufferer for a very long period of time.

Chinese acupuncture is a very effective tool for pain relief. Acupuncture is one of Chinese Medicine’s tools used in China to treat a wide range of diseases, and this has been happening throughout thousands of years. Chinese acupuncture helps the body to balance the severe pain reaction, reduces the pain level and returns the body systems to their routine state of affairs. Ear acupuncture is the relatively new tiding of Chinese medicine, and brings with it new treatment options that are easy to implement.

In the past century, a sub-field of acupuncture has evolved in Chinese Medicine, the field of auricular acupuncture, or ear acupuncture. This field was developed by a French neurologist who explored the subject in depth and found an entire mapping of the body on the ear (similar to the existing mapping in the brain in the cortex layer, in which the entire body is mapped and represented). Ear acupuncture has been used extensively in the last century and has proven itself to be effective in a wide range of conditions. One example is the treatment of addictions.

Read the UK’S National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guideline (NG193), which recommend Acupuncture as an effective option in managing chronic pain.

Read the BBC news article about NICE guideline

Acupuncture in the battlefield is a concept that began to be implemented in 2001 by a US Army doctor serving in Kabul, Afghanistan. This doctor, instead of giving painkillers, treats his soldiers with ear acupuncture as part of his treatment methodology. The soldiers (who suffer from a variety of problems, such as back pain, knee pain, headaches, stress and anxiety, sleep problems, etc.) find in ear acupuncture an ideal treatment method. The acupuncture does not cause them any side effects, which are so common with regular medicines, and allows them to continue and to function in the combat array.

The following is a video that give s a brief presentation on the subject:



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