Elementor #5873

The Medical Theory of Channels and Collaterals

The playlist below is a sample of several classes from the course entitled: The Medical Theory of Channels and Collaterals. For more info please leave your details using the contact form on the right side and I’ll get back to you ASAP. 

The course is designed into 16 meetings 3 hours each, total of 48 academic hours and include the following topics (each topic is 3-hour long) :

1. introduction to the channel theory; 2. Points categories; 3. hand tai yin; 4. hand yang ming; 5. foot yang ming; 6. foot tai yin; 7. hand shao yin; 8. hand tai yang; 9. foot tai yang; 10. foot shao yin; 11. hand jue yin; 12. hand shao yang; 13. foot shao yang; 14. foot jue yin; 15. Ren Du Yin Qiao and Yang Qiao channels; 16. Dai Chong Yin Wei and Yang wei channels

2. Course objective: To introduce the concept of channel and collateral theory and to study in depth the 12 regular channels and the 8 extraordinary channels: 
In each physiological unit, the main channel, sinew channel, collateral channel and divergent channel will be taught and discussed.

3. Prerequisites: Basic theory of Chinese medicine, basic knowledge of Acupuncture points location and function.

To watch several different units from the course modules: