LV4:中封 [zhōng fēng] mound center

•Source [出處 chū chù]:

Spiritual pivot 【靈樞 líng shū】【本輸 běn shū】

•Channel and collateral【經絡 jīng luò】:

Leg jue yin

Classification【類別 lèi bié】:

jing metal point [經金穴 jīng jīn xué]

Name【名稱 mīng chéng】:

中 zhōng : center, central

封 fēng : mound, heap, to seal, to block

Location【部位 bù wèi】:

On the anteromedial aspect of the ankle, in the depression medial to the tibialis anterior tendon, anterior to the medial malleolus.

Note: LV4 is located midway between SP5 and ST41.

Needling【針法 zhēn fǎ】:

Needle 0.3-0.5 cun toward the heel. 3-5 Moxa cons and 5-10 minutes moxa stick

Action【功效 gōng xiào】:

Coursing the liver and rectify qi [疏肝理氣 shū gān lǐ qì]

Clear and discharge the lower jiao [清泄下焦 qīng xiè xià jiāo]

•Indication【主治 zhǔ zhì】:

Classical: liver disease, hypochondriac pain, yellowish body with slight heat, not addicted to food, umbilical pain, colic pain, swelling, asthenia, nocturnal emission, enuresis, difficulty in urination, vaginal violent pain, abdominal pain, low back pain, cold feet The medial malleolus is swollen and painful, walking hard, dry, and swollen throat.
Modern: hepatitis, jaundice, foot pain.

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