Recognition of Oncology Acupuncturist in Netherlands

Acupunctuur Amsterdam

The Dutch Acupuncture Association NVA (Nederlends Vereniging Voor acupunctuur) managed to establish a recognition for Oncology Acupuncturists in the country. 

Acupuncture is being used as a palliative care treatment for cancer aimed at reducing side effects and complaints during and after the medical treatment. 

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My personal experience with coronavirus

The natural treatment of COVID-19

Outside of Asian countries like Taiwan and China as an example, Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are practiced mostly by non-physicians.

As the pandemic continued and non-essential health care workers were either prohibited nor restricted to see patients, most Chinese medicine practitioners did not see actively infected Covid-19 patients.

This post is a summary of my own experience treating my family member while the disease was active. As well you can find references for relevant research and treatments on corona virus.

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(Research) Acupuncture treatment improves Dry-Eye Syndrome

Acupuncture for dry eye syndrome

In a meta-analysis published in August 2021, acupuncture was compared with artificial tears treatment for patients with dry eye syndrome.

The results from 19 different clinical trials with a total of 1542 patients demonstrated the superiority of acupuncture in improving the symptoms compared to artificial tears acting alone.

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Chinese medicine for the treatment of Constipation

Chinese medicine for constipation

Chinese medicine treatment has a great effect on constipation and can provide a great help to those suffering from prolonged constipation.

Constipation, which originates from the English term meaning ‘contraction of the body tissues’, as it’s name implies, is a disorder in the digestive system that causes a person to be “constipated” or “contracted”, meaning that the person has difficulty eliminating the accumulated feces in the intestines.

Chinese medicine treatment modalities, which include acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine has a lot to offer for this condition.

lifestyle adaptation and Diet also play a big role in improving this condition.

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The treatment of radiating pain (Sciatica) with Acupuncture

Sciatica pain due to lower back pain

Acupuncture can treats the radiating pain and inflammation of the sciatic nerve, which lead the radiating pain named Sciatica. The treatment reduces the intensity of pain effectively and allows the patient to return to daily routine.

For many people this pain is not transient, and therefore it is one of the most common reasons for turning to Chinese medicine practitioners.

Acupuncture treatment has a lot to offer for this condition.

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