My impression from the 13th Taipei Traditional Chinese Medicine International Forum

Buddha shape honorary award

I recently participated as a speaker at the 13th Taipei Traditional Chinese Medicine International Forum.

The following post is my own summary and take away from the conference’s lectures and overall impression.

Don’t miss the scientific research about the use of Chinese Herbal medicine for COVID-19.

These are my 7-key points of impressions (see below):

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One preferred stock for 2021 – Your HEALTH

Health is not just the absence of disease

2020 will be forever the year that shocked dramatically our life. all around the globe, the pandemic was heavily influenced our life and led to social and economic disruption, worldwide lockdowns and mass cancellations of events. Our health was under attack and fear and concerns took over our mind.

On December 23, The center for disease control and prevention (CDC) has published a data update about the risk of developing severe disease due to COVID-19 disease and corona virus.

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One year since the first lockdown in the world: the story of Wuhan city

South east of China

Wuhan, the capital of Hebei county, which is located in the south east part of China, is perhaps the most famous city in the world in the last year.

Exactly one year ago, few days before Chinese new year started the city went in for 76-days lockdown due to the outbreak of corona virus. Chinese New Year is like Christmas in terms of its popularity in China.

Imagine a nationwide lockdown happening on Christmas Eve. How’d you feel? The stress, the despair. You’re trying to go home but the trains aren’t running anymore, and won’t be running again for foreseeable future. How’d you feel? That’s how they felt. Millions of Chinese families sacrificed their freedom to earn a bit more time for the rest of the world to response.

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