The Karate Diet

Diet is your medicinal

Okinawa is a prefecture southwest of mainland Japan which is located on the Ryukyu Islands. The island and its 1 million residents are very known in the world due to their highest rates of people living to be 100 years old or more.

The region comprised of 160 islands, however the majority of the Okinawans reside on Okinawa Island and the entire region is known as a “blue zone”, in which people live very long life, with not only healthier way of living but also with very few age-related diseases.

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Sitting the month after childbirth and women’s health after giving birth

Chinese Medicine for Women’s Health

Sitting the month [做月子 zuò yuè zi] is a custom of Asian women to rest and recuperate their body and mind after giving birth, originated in China and practiced in many Asian countries including Taiwan. This custom’s literally means to do [做 zuò] a month [月 yuè] and a child [子 zi], however the word to sit in Chinese is pronounced the same [坐 zuò] which can imply that you need to sit about one month, therefore it is called sitting the month. This custom is also being practice in other areas besides east part of Asia, such as India and Latin American countries.

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