10 Commonly Asked Questions About The Treatment

Common questions at the clinic

“Knowledge is meaningless if it’s not shared.”

As a curious person and a Chinese medicine physician, I like to ask my teachers and myself lots of questions and as well, I like to answer the questions of my patient’s and students.

If the below 10-commonly asked questions about the treatment is not enough and you still have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Ginger or Mint and what’s the difference

Chinese Herbal Medicine

It’s winter time and its very cold outside and you started to have a runny or stuffy nose and soon you’ll start to develop a common cold.

At the same time you remember you once heard that ginger is a good anti-viral herb and you want to use it. However, according to Chinese medicine, different herbs should be used in different stages of disease and according to the energetic condition of disease. Do you what to know more?

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