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The treatment procedure at the clinic

Patient and physician matching expectations is a key for the treatment success.

In the following post, I will explain what you should expect from the clinic’s treatments and how is the treatment procedure preformed at the clinic.

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How is the treatment performed?

Chinese Medicine treatment is a therapeutic healing process, meaning that it involves a series of sessions. It is important to understand that this is a therapeutic process which will vary in different cases, according to the factors listed below.

Sometimes it happens that patients report an immediate feeling of relief in their pain or other medical symptom, at the end of the session or even right after the insertion of the acupuncture needles. When this happens, it may actually mislead the patient into expecting such results in every session, and may cause him/her to abandon the therapeutic process due to the diminishing sensations in subsequent sessions.

The importance of the healing process as a series of treatments given over a period of time is significant in order to achieve maximum improvement in the patient’s condition, as well as to optimize the resolution of his/her issues for a prolonged period of time.

A series of sessions, its length and frequency, will vary ,depending on several factors:

  1. Severity of the disease
  2. Patient’s age
  3. Constitution of the patient – the general state of the patient’s body strength
  4. Duration of the disease – Is the disease acute or chronic?

On average, the range of a series of treatments is 6-12 treatments.

Frequency of Treatments

The treatments in the clinic are usually performed once and up to several times a week, again taking into account the above mentioned factors. In my experience, in many cases treatments that are performed twice a week intensify the healing effect and shorten the recovery time. Therefore, in most cases it is preferable to make a series of 8 treatments in 4 weeks than 8 treatments over an 8-week period. It is important to note that a series of treatments will be determined in accordance with my professional recommendation while taking into account the patient’s wishes.

The Treatment Itself

The first session in the series of treatments is longer than usual and includes detailed medical questioning. The average duration of treatment is 50-60 minutes. There are cases where the duration of treatment will be longer (first treatment, or exceptional cases). There are cases where the treatment will be shorter (for example children or an acute problem). Treatments are done on the fully-clothed body, except for cases which require the removal of a particular item of clothing. All treatments are done while maintaining maximum privacy and respect for the individual.

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Methods Applied

Treatments in the clinic include acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, dietary recommendations and if necessary, the use of Laser acupuncture. The use of herbs is done externally to the clinic – writing the herbal prescription is done by me, while payment and coordination for delivery or pick up is done by the patient directly with the pharmacy (with my help of course).

In addition, as part of the tools I am using in my clinic, the following methods and/or instruments may also be applied – moxibustion (warming herbs), cupping, electro-acupuncture, and TDP heating lamp.



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