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Zhū yuán 珠圓 points for eye disorders

There are several group of points on the thumb that can treat the head and face region. One of these points is a two-point set called zhu yuan.

In chinese Zhū [珠] means pearl, yuán [圓] means round. Giving them their name master Tung suggested us that these points can treat the eyes; Pearl is a round object that image the eye ball. These points were disclosed later after Master Tung’s publication in 1973 by Dr. Hu Wen Zhi who is based in Taipei, Taiwan. Therefore, the points don’t have a number, just a name and that’s better! You learn the meaning of the point through the name.

To locate to points, you need to find the margin between interphalangeal joint of the thumb, on the radial and ulnar line of the first thumb. These points are always needle together as a dao ma and it’s especially effective to do it contra-lateral to the diseased eye.

Indications: Glaucoma, cataract , keratitis, conjunctivitis and weak sight. The points mainly influence the lung and kidney.

Case study

Female patient who brought her son to the clinic had a noticeable red sclera (subconjunctival hemorrhage) in her left eye. She didn’t had this before and she wasn’t sure what cause the hemorrhage. She didn’t experience any other symptoms such as pain, itching or tears in the eye.

Because she didn’t had an appointment, I decided to use press tack needle on her right thumb and asked her to press hard the two points from time to time. The next day she sent me these below pics with a nice message saying the bleeding has gone almost completely. Only after less than 24 hours!! I was happy and also very grateful 🙂

This is another good example for the powerful and rapid results that Tung Acupuncture produces. Thank you Master Tung for disclosing your family acupuncture lineage. Many patients worldwide are benefiting it greatly!

(Pictures were published with permission)



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