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Palm Knee Three Needles

tǔ shuǐ are one of my favorite points to use in the clinic and are one of the most commonly used points in Tung Acupuncture. These are spleen and kidney points and have an excellent effect to treat the abdomen and intestines. Moreover, these points can treat the heavy and painful knees, especially if there is cold and damp manifestation.

Name: tǔ shuǐ [土水] points

Tǔ [土] earth

shuǐ [水] water

yī èr sān [一二三] first, second, third

Zone: 2-2 palm and hand

Numeric system: 22.11

Dao ma numeric system: 22-01

Source: Tung original book

Location: this is a three point set on the palm of the hand, along the 1st metacarpal bone. LU10 is the midpoint, the other two points are 0.5 cun to the sides.

Needling: 0.5-1 cun close to the metacarpal bone. Can be blood let.

Reaction area: Spleen, Kidney

Indications: acute/chronic gastritis, stomach pain, epigastric pain, cough, asthma, dyspnea, tonsillitis, sciatica, lumbago, sore achy knees, morning sickness in pregnancy.

when there is a visible vein in the area of the points, pricking might be considered for the following: gastritis, stomach pain, cough and asthma, tonsillitis.

Combination: 22-01, 77-02, 22-06 to treat epigastric pain and abdominal distention.

Source of photo: Lee Guo Zheng 針灸通用全息密碼 李國政 程希智



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