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Master Tung courses in UK for the second time

The last 12 years I research, explore and practice Tung Lineage of Acupuncture and I find it fascinating and highly effective. While I was living in Taiwan for 6 years I got to learn in depth the 5-zang approach and in the coming April’s seminar, participants won’t only learn new ‘extra’ points but also the foundation, principles and methods and MOST importantly how to understand the ‘new’ concept of channels in Tung Acupuncture. Afterwards you can apply it for either pain or internal medicine disease.

In a month from now, April 2024, I’ll be teaching in International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM) in HYBRID basic course together with Shaun Goodman.

Watch the interview we had about the courses:

We are offering two courses:

FOUNDATION COURSE – a fully comprehensive 38-hour course for qualified Acupuncturists who want to learn this increasingly popular style of Acupuncture.
ADVANCED COURSE – Two days of training for Acupuncturists with previous experience of Master Tung.

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