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A systematic review about Acupuncture effects for endometriosis

Endometriosis can cause severely painful periods, but that’s not where it stops. With this condition, tissue that’s just like the inner lining of your uterus, called endometrium grows in other places. That tissue can grow on your ovaries, in or on your fallopian tubes, and inside your pelvis.

What’s the effect of Acupuncture treatment according to a new meta-analysis study?

The evidence base for acupuncture continues to incrementally grow. Giese et al have published a systematic review on Acupuncture for endometriosis. This is a high quality review evaluates the quality of acupuncture on endometriosis-related pelvic pain and health related quality of life.

Recent research and clinical observations have shown that Endometriosis has deleterious effects on emotional and mental health, fertility, sexual and romantic relationships, work and study all of which may negatively impact quality of life

Acupuncture for endometriosis demonstrated benefit in reducing the severity of menstrual pain and overall pelvic pain when compared to non-specific acupuncture and usual care, Acupuncture also shown a reductions in pelvic pain severity were clinically relevant and similar benefits were observed for health related quality of life when compared to non-specific acupuncture and to usual care. The study also shown a potential in reduction in medication (!)

The researchers conclusion was that Acupuncture treatment for endometriosis demonstrated clinically relevant improvements in pelvic pain and should be considered as a potential treatment intervention


Publisher: Integrative Medicine Reseach Journal, Volume 12, Issue 4, December 2023



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