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HT8:少府 [shào fǔ] Lesser mansion

•Source [出處 chū chù]:

The Systematic Classic of Acupuncture and Moxibustion【甲乙經 jiǎ yǐ jīng】

•Channel and collateral【經絡 jīng luò】:

Hand shao yin

Classification【類別 lèi bié】:

ying-spring, fire point [滎火穴 yíng huó xué]

Name【名稱 mīng chéng】:

少 [shào] : lesser minor, few, little ;

府 [fǔ] : residence, storehouse, mansion

Location【部位 bù wèi】:

On the palm of the hand, in the depression between the fourth and fifth metacarpal bones, proximal to the fifth metacarpophalangeal joint.

Note: Between the fourth and fifth metacarpal bones, where the tip of the little finger rests when a fist is made, at the same level as PC8.

Needling【針法 zhēn fǎ】:

Needle 0.3-0.5 cun perpendicular. 3-5 minutes of moxa stick

Action【功效 gōng xiào】:

Clear heart heat [清心熱 qīng xīn rè]

•Indication【主治 zhǔ zhì】:

Palpitations, chest pain, little finger spasm, heat in the palms, genital itching, hernia, difficulty urinating, enuresis, chronic malaria and cold, fullness, fear of grief


HT8 is an improtant point to treat skin rashes and itchiness