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Tung Acupuncture foundation course

Master Tung lineage of acupuncture is a distinctive style of acupuncture practice that originated from Master Tung Ching-Chang, a renowned acupuncturist from Taiwan. This style is characterized by its unique set of acupuncture points and methods passed down through generations within Master Tung’s family.

This comprehensive course, a total of 36 academic hours, designed to introduce Acupuncturists to the 5 Zang channels system which is lesser known in the western countries. Participants won’t only learn new ‘extra’ points but also the foundation, principles & methods and MOST importantly how to understand the ‘new’ concept of channels in Tung Acupuncture. 

Master Tung style is renowned for its clinical efficacy. Since Tung passed away in 1975 in Taiwan, his Acupuncture family lineage is gaining popularity worldwide due to its success in treating not only pain related disorders but also internal medicine diseases. Tung’s Acupuncture is not just a collection of extra points; it’s a complete acupuncture tradition that emphasise the 5 zang channels, holographic imaging and unique diagnostic & needling areas and techniques. 

If you want to enhance your practice’s clinical effectiveness, this is the CPD event for you.

The program

This is a hybrid course which includes 3 seminar days on-site and then 3-hour long of 3 online classes. Total of 36 academic hours.

The basic course is divided into:

  1. Background of Tung lineage, general introduction, principles and methods
  2. Most commonly points (about 120-150 points, point pairs and combinations)
  3. Demonstrations and practice – Two teachers to significantly improve the needling techniques and point location. 

1. The introduction section will include the following:

  1. Tung Ching Chang – background.
  2. 14 channels approach vs 5 zang approach. 
  3. the 12 zones in the body.
  4. The shen jing concept.
  5. The dao ma needle technique. 
  6. The Dong qi method.
  7. Long retention of needles. 
  8. Holographic needling.
  9. Guiding needling technique.
  10. Zang fu bie tong method.

2. Most commonly used points of zones 1-1,2-2,3-3,4-4,5-5,6-6,7-7,8-8,9-9,10-10. In total about 120-150 Tung Acupuncture points.

Students testimonials

The Speakers & Important notes

The course is taught by highly experienced practitioners & lecturers Shuan Goodman & Gil Ton.

  1. Shaun and Gil bring unique material translated from original sources which is not available to the English readers and share their vast knowledge and experience from years of studies and practice.  
  2. This is a foundation course which will give the students the confidence, knowledge and practical abilities to start a beautiful journey in this style of acupuncture. This course is very comprehensive, including hands-on practice & much theoretical hours and can’t be compared to short courses offered in the market. Later on, advanced course are available to continue deepen your knowledge. 
  3. The speakers teach the Taiwanese style of Master Tung Acupuncture which is very less known to western acupuncturists and also very effective in clinical settings.
  4. The speakers do not disappear after the course and relevant groups on social media and direct communication with them would be available. 

Seminars & dates

Below you can find the list of international seminars organized by different schools. The list is keep being updated so stay tuned and join the newsletter.


      1. 16-18/09/2022 Introduction to Tung system and most commonly used points to treat the digestive system: British Acupuncture council conference, September 2022. For more information
      2. 05/11/2022 Master the Fire; Five Tung Acupuncture Dao Ma to quiet the spirit: Dutch TCM conference, November 2022. For more information 


        1. 19/03/2023 Taiwan Tung Acupuncture – The digestive system and earth phase: TCM academie Nederland. For more information 
        2. 25-27/05/2023 Master Tung Acupuncture – Basic course: International college of oriental Medicine (ICCOM), United Kingdom. May-June 2023. For more information
        3. 04/11/2023 Master Tung Acupuncture to treat urological diseases. Dutch TCM conference, November 2023. For more information.
        4. 15/11/2023 Master Tung Acupuncture to treat chronic lower back pain. Acupuncture Week by NVA, Holland (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Acupunctuur)


          1.  02-06/01/2024 Master Tung Acupuncture – foundation course. Tulum, Mexico. For more information.
          2. 17-18/02/2024 Master Tung Acupuncture – foundation course at San Bao Chinese Medical Education Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. For more information.
          3. 12-13-14/04/2024 Master Tung Acupuncture- foundation course at Lisbon TCM university, Lisbon, Portugal. For more information
          4.  13-14-15/09/2024 Master Tung Acupuncture – foundation course: International college of oriental Medicine (ICCOM), United Kingdom. For more information

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