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The Medical Theory of Channels & Collaterals (Online course)

The Medical Theory of Channels and Collaterals

Do you want to learn in depth how to navigate the channels & collaterals in order to improve your understanding in Acupuncture and to achieve better clinical results?

The course objectives is to learn how to use acupuncture from channel theory and not organ theory point of view and to study the classical concept of the Medical Theory of Channels and Collaterals [經絡醫學 jīng luò yī xué] 

  • You’ll learn how to treat each channel and organ pathologies.
  • You’ll learn the clinical application of each channel and how to build a successful and effective points prescriptions.
  • You’ll learn in each module how to use in clinical settings the following channels: Main, Sinew, Collateral and Divergent channels.
  • You’ll learn the functions of both channel and organ in the original Chinese terms.
  • You’ll learn the renown Dr. Wang Ju- Yi’ most common points-pairs combinations to treat either pain or internal medicine diseases. 
The late proffesor Wang Ju Yi. Applied channel theory center in Beijing China

Each Module is comprised of the following

The Course is Suitable For

  • Third year Acupuncture students 

  • Graduated Acupuncturist

Course Availability

  • The course is available as an online course

  • Each hand and foot channels can be purchase separately.

Purchasing the course entitles you with:

The course consists of 14 modules, a total of 42 hours and the price is only €350

About The Speaker Dr. Gil Ton Ph.D

Gil Ton is a Chinese medicine practitioner, lecturer and researcher since 2011. He has lived in Asia for a total of 7 years, in which he gained an extensive and unique academic and clinical practice experiences in acupuncture. He obtained his Doctorate degree in Acupuncture Science and graduated from China Medical University, Taichung Taiwan. As well in recent years, he participated as a speaker in several international conferences, taught in several different academies and obtained a number of academic awards.

His passion and interest for the theory of channels and collaterals started in Israel, where he studied this theory with his teacher Shaun Goodman. Later, in between 2011-2012, he lived in Beijing, China and continue to study and internship with the late Prof. Wang Ju-Yi [李國政] at the institute of Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine. Between 2015-2021, he has completed his postgraduate degrees under the supervision of Professor Yu-Chen Lee [李育臣], the director of the Acupuncture department and work as a lecturer and research fellow at the Graduate Institute of Acupuncture Science, in China Medical University. During his years in Taiwan he studied Taiwan Master Tung Acupuncture with Prof. Lee Kuo Cheng [李國政].

His research interests involve Acupuncture science and the role of connective tissue in the theory of channels and collaterals and the clinical and cost-effectiveness benefits of acupuncture treatment. He published 6 scientific papers about Acupuncture, Laser Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

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Course Syllabus

The course is comprised of 14 modules, each module is 3-hour long. a total of 42 academic hours.

  • Module 1: Introduction to the channel theory
  • Module 2: Points categories
  • Module 3: Hand tai yin LU channel
  • Module 4: Hand yang ming LI channel
  • Module 5: Foot yang ming ST channel
  • Module 6: Foot tai yin SP channel
  • Module 7: Hand shao yin HT channel
  • Module 8: Hand tai yang SI channel
  • Module 9: Foot tai yang BL channel
  • Module 10: Foot shao yin KD channel
  • Module 11: Hand jue yin PC channel
  • Module 12: Hand shao yang SJ channel
  • Module 13: Foot shao yang GB channel
  • Module 14: Foot jue yin LV channel

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