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Chinese medicine for the treatment of Constipation

Chinese medicine treatment has a great effect on constipation and can provide a great help to those suffering from prolonged constipation.

Constipation, which originates from the English term meaning ‘contraction of the body tissues’, as it’s name implies, is a disorder in the digestive system that causes a person to be “constipated” or “contracted”, meaning that the person has difficulty eliminating the accumulated feces in the intestines.

Chinese medicine treatment modalities, which include acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine has a lot to offer for this condition.

lifestyle adaptation and Diet also play a big role in improving this condition.

General Background Constipation:

Constipation is usually defined as a condition where the weekly number of evacuations amounts to no more than twice a week, and there is a necessity to put effort to evacuate in the toilet. Stool can be either hard or dry. This phenomenon is very common in the general population, with approximately 20% of people suffering from it. In general, constipation is more common in the elderly, while women usually suffer more than men.

Constipation – Causes

1. Unhealthy habits – low levels of fiber intake in the diet, as well as insufficient drinking of water on a daily basis. In addition, sometimes the inclusion of certain foods in the diet which cause it to be excessively dry.

2. Psychological constipation – pain in the anus that causes fear of evacuation (in children usually or in people with hemorrhoids and fissures.)

3. Physiological factor – weakening of the pelvic muscles, prolapse of hemorrhoids, intestinal obstruction or slowing down of intestinal activity.


It is very important to treat conditions of constipation! Even if the reason for coming to the clinic is not constipation itself, the treatment must address the issue of constipation if it exists. According to Chinese medicine, a person should vacate 1-2 times a day. In a state of constipation, residues of undigested food and waste remain in the digestive tract longer than usual. Intestinal bacteria break down these leftover residues, and in turn undesirable gases and other breakdown products which are absorbed back into the body are generated if constipation persists. Aside from the unpleasant sensation, over time this condition can lead to other complicated medical conditions such as stool stones (dry, hard stone-like stool), hemorrhoids, fissures and even certain types of cancer.

Constipation – conventional treatment

Medicines to soften the stool and/or laxatives. In severe cases – enema.

Constipation – Chinese medicine treatment

Acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbs greatly affect bowel function and assist in lubrication as well as promoting proper bowel movement.

According to Chinese medicine, constipation is divided into two main causes:

  • Constipation due to excess – heat in the stomach and stagnation of qi. These are caused by various reasons. Stomach heat can be caused as a result of improper diet, emotional states and/or gastrointestinal imbalance. Excess heat in the stomach causes fluids in the intestines to coagulate, leading to dry and hard stools. Most often the symptoms will be severe and acute, and develop rapidly, over a short period of time.
  • Constipation due to deficiency – constipation due to cold and weak constitution. The cause of this is an inappropriate diet, especially a cold diet that weakens the spleen and stomach, and a weak constitution of the patient, such as the condition of constipation in old age. Most often the condition will develop slowly and over a longer period of time, while the symptoms will be relatively mild and not as severe and acute as in constipation of the excess type.

Treating constipation through Chinese medicine will include acupuncture and sometimes, if needed, with the addition of Chinese herbs. It goes without saying that it is important to make dietary adjustments as well as lifestyle changes. The effectiveness of the treatment is high, although it does vary from case to case. There are cases that can be resolved very quickly and cases that necessitate a prolonged treatment time, all in accordance with the patient’s condition.

Constipation – General Tips

  • Adequate quantity of drinking water (at least two liters a day)
  • A fiber-rich diet – include more vegetables, and fruits such as plums and pears in the daily menu.
  • Performing sports activities regularly. Exercise is known to increase the body’s metabolism. This  is important! Very important!



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